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Spitting All Over Ghana

Comment: IT´S VERY SAD

2011-09-30 04:17:29
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Spitting All Over Ghana

This piece makes interesting reading.It is very sad to say the least that,our politicians have relegated to the background some of the most important issues facing us,and rather are playing cat and mouse game to win political power regardless of what type of people they are going to rule.I am not too sure if Ghana still has the NCCE,and if we have it ,what they are doing.The NCCE was very instrumental in Busia´s elections in tha late 60s and latter during the Acheampong´s "right hand driving" campaign in 1975 or so.There after,we have not see them doing anything useful.Meanwhile milliones of tax payers´ money is allocated to them for operations.How they used that money only heaven knows.I have been in Europoe for so many years but I can bet that,I can not remember the number of time I saw someboy spitting around as we do in Ghana, let alone urinating and doing "that thing" at the beach. I think it is about time the authorities embark on campaign to educate the public about the hazard of spitting all over the places.Many of these people might be suferring from TB and many other serious and contagious diseases.Please act now before it´s too late! Enough of concentrating only on wining political power! Ghanaians need to be healthy too!

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