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Men Of God In Handcuffs?

Comment: RE: u dnt know wat christianity is....

2011-09-04 17:25:05
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u dnt know wat christianity is....

IT may not be appropriate to paint the whole religion because of the act of a few or some… but here is a case where the bad nuts are leaving no stone unturned in their illicit efforts and have probably outnumbered the good ones; ( the reality suggests so albeit I don’t have the statistics right now).
The issue is about people who claim to be members of the clergy leading multitudes and so making comparisons with Muslims who are either armed robbers or terrorists doesn’t fit the hole hear… there are Christians and traditionalist who engage in those hideous acts too, they form a small facet of adherents of all the religions whichever the case may be. … the terrorists also have underlining political/selfish interests… and none of such groups (armed robbers/terrorists)come claiming to have all the solutions(panacea if you will) to your problems and that they represent the holy name of Jesus Christ (misinterpreting the scriptures the way they see it) , Mohammed or others, as is the case with the so called men/women of God.
We should be able to face facts and denounce the acts of these charlatans as stated in the Bible and not allow our prejudices to cloud our judgment (no offence intended). We can be better Christians by denouncing them as they are overshadowing (and outnumbering) the good ones who are doing God’s work in the right manner. But if we try to shove it all under the carpet by pointing fingers elsewhere and continue to follow them or countenance their actions then that will be indicative of complacency on our part and so share in their guilt.

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RE: u dnt know wat christianity is....
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