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Biometric Voter Registration- A $150-Million Waste?

Comment: Has EC conducted due diligence?

Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
2011-08-23 07:10:14
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Biometric Voter Registration- A $150-Million Waste

How did the Electoral Commission select the seven companies to bid for the contract(that is, what criteria were used?) If what Peter Mensah claims in this article about the two companies are correct, then they should not have made the shortlist. It appears to me that Ghanaian organisations or leaders do not conduct due diligence on contractors prior to inviting them to bid for contracts. Just look at the STX housing project. Due diligence would have shown that the Korean company was incapable of raising the required finance.

This is very disturbing because with
such a huge contract on a very important exercise that can make of break Ghana, only companies with excellent track record in Biometric Voter Registration should be invited to bid for the contract. Perhaps, those responsible are interested in their kick backs and that is what matters to them but not the experience and capability of the contractors to deliver.

Peter, thanks for sharing this with us. Are you in the Information, Communication and Technology sector? I know Cambridge is a hub for ICT in the UK and if so, any personal or corporate interest in the contract?

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08-23 04:35
Has EC conducted due diligence?
Kofi Ata, Cambridge, UK
08-23 07:10