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Can Africa Ever Be The Best Continent on Earth?

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Son of Africa
2011-08-09 03:39:54
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Can Africa Ever Be The Best Continent on Earth?

One shouldn't underestimate the cruel contact with the europeans Africans went through and is still enduring.You mentioned hundred years of western education and aid,wondering why progress is still slow.The western education and aid was actualy put in place to keep Africa underdevelopt.The aid is nothing other than a bait set out by the so called first world to ruin the economies of the receivers.Swisszaland, for example has the largest bank of bancruptcy in the world that collect such aid moneys back,and inherit it when the corrupt African politicien dies.Education we got from our African mothers is far much more usefull to us than the change of identity rubish from the colonisers,who occupied our continent for centuries and left without bothering to learn our language,but had the brutal thought to forbid us talk in our Godgiving Languages.I wonder why some on this web go after us who make gramatical mistakes,I in particuler am not worried about my inability to write better english,I am rather worried why I cannot correspond with my fellow African in our numerous lovely languages.This should change,we should use our African languages to speak to visiting foreing politiciens and have it translated to them,just as they do to our visiting politiciens.Comunicating in our own mother tongue will help us develop better and faster.Africans will also want to have some fun in life, but first the exploitasion from the so called first world should stop, and the millitary interventions, particularly from France should be stoped.Yes, Africa will make it, not today but very soon.If you read the European history you'll be very proud you are an African.

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Re: Can Africa Ever Be The Best Continent on Earth
Son of Africa
08-09 03:39