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The NDC Government Makes a Joke of Itself

Comment: Re: This Adofo guy has malaria parasite

Rite Wing
2011-08-04 11:02:15
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This Adofo guy has malaria parasite

You do not seem to realize that the more you Ndc symphatisers faisely accuse Nana Akufo Addo, the more you show to the world that your government is a non performing one. The reason is that here is an individual who you claim to deal in drugs. Let us assume, he was protected by his government when it was in power and therefore, he could move drugs from Ghana to where ever he wanted with ease and with the collaboration of officials of those countries. The Ndc have been in power for thirty one months and counting and yet, your government which promised in its manifesto to fight the drug business have not been able to catch a common criminal whom you know and bring him to public ridicle. If the Ndc cannot deal with a known drug criminal how can it arrest those they do not know. The Ndc is a useless government indeed. What about the effussions of your government appointed Narcotics Board guru? Is it just a bluff? It will do well for the Ndc to stop ridicling itself.

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08-04 01:59
Re: This Adofo guy has malaria parasite
Rite Wing
08-04 11:02