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Can the Minister of Transport propose the creation of ....

Comment: VERY TRUE

2011-07-03 07:46:19
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I however thought that this project was undertaken by a Chinese Company to extend the rail net work to Paga throught Tamale and Bolgatanga. Unless I did not get it this is what I understood. I am unable to trace evidence right now but I certainly read about this about a year ago.
It is however true that Ghana among other African countries fails to improve on what the whiteman left for us. My immediate thoughts go to the Airline and Aircrafts. We "dibi nami dibi.." until we nearly buried everything. If only we repatriate the millions of "dorrars" stashed in the Swiss banks and elsewhere, Ghana could be catapulted into a developed country in the next five years. Alas, Politicians who stashed the money in these banks will die and leave it. Ghana remains the pporer for it all. What a shame.

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