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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri

Comment: ignorant hatred

2011-06-12 07:26:03
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“After Ghana’s first case of HIV was reported in 1986, the disease spread slowly but steadily until 2003, when prevalence peaked at 3.1 percent. In 2007, the estimated adult HIV/AIDS prevalence was 1.9 percent, and the epidemic is currently considered stable. Among the general population, married women are nearly three times as likely to be HIV-infected than women who have never been married, while mobility appears to be a risk factor among men. HIV prevalence differs very little between urban and rural areas in Ghana. However, regional differences are more apparent; prevalence among pregnant women ranged from 1.2 percent in the northern region to 4.7 percent in the eastern region, according to the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS). UNAIDS estimates 260,000 people in Ghana were HIV positive in 2007 HIV prevalence is highest in the Eastern Region of Ghana and lowest in the northern regions of the country. Prevalence is generally higher in urban areas, in mining and border towns, and along main transportation routes. HIV-1 accounts for 92% of HIV cases in Ghana; another 7.4% of reported HIV cases are dual infections with HIV-1 and HIV-2. Only 0.5% of HIV cases were exclusively HIV-2. Heterosexual intercourse is the mode of transmission for about 80% of HIV cases, with mother-to-child transmission accounting for another 15%. According to the 2003 Demographic and Health Survey, HIV prevalence is very low among most younger age groups, as relatively few are infected during their youth (with the exceptions of infants infected through their mothers). The infection peaks late, compared to other countries, at 35–39 years for women and 40–45 years for men. The infection levels are highest in middle income and middle educational groups, with the poor and unemployed less affected.”

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TerriblY Spe cifiC
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ignorant hatred
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