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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri

Comment: Re: why has this become center-stage?

Kwame opoku
2011-06-12 07:04:13
Comment to:
why has this become center-stage?

Yes you right but not in Ghana, Let me remind you about the Hebrew boys in Babylon. They were in Babylon but they lived like Hebrews. I don't want the western cultures spoil my rich culture heritage hence their so-called wealth. Homosexuality is an abomination in the sight of GOD and as Christians should not entertain such acts as good behavior in our society. Well let USA, Europe, and others go for it but not even the poorest nation in the world. One day you will live to see what will happen those countries Gods word stands forever.

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TerriblY Spe cifiC
06-11 14:16
Re: why has this become center-stage?
Kwame opoku
06-12 07:04
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