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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri


Christian Offei
2011-06-12 03:45:53
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People always argue against gays on religious and "moral grounds". But that is wrong. Firstly, the Bible and Christianity is fake. Maybe you are brainwashed by the whiteman who showed us Bible and made us weak to fight them whilst they enslaved us and stole our gold. The Bible is a tool to keep the black man supressed so believe it if you want.

On the other hand if you trully believe the Bible, then why dont you leave judgement for God, the alpha and omega? Why do you take judgement into your own hand? The devil can not create a human being so why does a so called christian judge and declare a human being who God created in a different light as devils child?
Also, homosexuality was in Ghana before the white man came here. I asked my uncle this very horrible but frank question in the 1960s about a man in our area. I too used to think people like that were possessed but my uncle told me it is nothing new in society. He told me that people like that are mad but there are a few people like that. This was 1963!!!
Being gay is not the normal way of life but some people are born like that. I am left handed and I remember I used to be whipped as a child to write with my right hand! Can you believe that shit? I was born left handed but in the 50s nobody understood that and they said I was stubborn because it was my choice to use my left hand! They thought I was possessed by demon. I can only imagine how gay people in our society feel today. Gay people are men born with woman mentality "besia". You can not whip a "woman" and force her to behave like a man! If the Almighty is my witness, when gay people are finally accepted in society, you will see how many respected people will finally come out of hiding and show their true nature! For those who believe in the Bible, read the story about Paul who prosecuted the Christians with so much hate. He secretly had a disposition to what he hated. So when his bonds were broken and he was mentally free, he quickly became one of the truest believers ever! It is just human psychology. Blame the negative society and not gay people.

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