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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri

Comment: To John Ndebugri

Campus Ministry Report
2011-06-12 02:41:15
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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri

Righteousness exalts a nation, and sin destroys a nation. The sins of Sodomm and Gommoarhea provoked God to destroy entire communities.

Later, in Israel, it was required to purge the nation, of her sinful practices by doing away with such individuals, so that fear would come upon all people to deter them from sinning. God's positon on this matter is the same, calling all to repentance, and to be saved in the name of Jesus Christ.

How can we ask for blessings for our Nations when at the same time we want to encouage, endorse and even justify such abominable sins which the Bible warns that they should not be mentioned in our conversations?

These sins of confusion, are an abhorent to God. A State/Country has to heed to the warnings, by the Church, concerning this matter.

When God pours his anger on the disobedient, the entire nation suffers, because of our lukewarm/indifferent/sit on fence attitude towards such sins, right from the very time it surfaces in society, and the nation doing nothing about them.

Acknowledging sin and repenting brings about the favour/grace and mercy of God to a nation,( see Jonah). However, disobedient nation, even sometimes in the case of Israel provokes the wrath of God.

Let it be known to all nations and tongues that, sin is like a cancer and it preads like fire. Hence, it is tine to contain it, for we have, by the grace of God, the authority to effect people's life, positively, to turn away from sin.

Sin should be shunned, and not to be encouaged

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To John Ndebugri
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