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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri

Comment: Funeral Of the Homosexuals.

2011-06-11 15:12:00
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Homosexuals Have Rights Of Association - Ndebugri

Three Homosexuals died in a car accident in Zebilla and they were cremated in the presence oF Ndebugri.
After the funeral their lovers were discussing about what to do with their ashes.
Lover[1] from Cape Coast'My Lover likes to fly,,I will go to Kotoka and get on a Plane and sprinkle his ashes around.
Lover[2]from Takoradi'My Lover is a Sailor and I am ashore Seaman,I will jump on a ship and sprinkle his ashes in the Ocean so that if I stow away his ghost will bless me.
Lover{3}Zebilla "My Lover can screw g my ass very good,I am going to the farms in Zebilla and mix his ashes with Hot pepper into my Dawadawa soup with TZ so that he can tear my ass very good for the last time.

B Johnson told his mother in the Kitchen that he is a Homosexual.
Mother'Does it mean men put their pole in your ass?
Mother'so you mean they put their Pole in your mouth and you suck on it Like Lollipop also.
Johnson 'Yes'
Mother'Mother got mad and hit Johnson head with a fry pan and said dont you ever complain about my cooking since you cannot Know the taste of my cooking and the pole in your mouth.You can go to Supreme court.
Its so sad that Mr Ndebugri will make comments to support these evil behavior.I believe that he is a closet homosexual.
I f its some other areas of America,these man will never be reelected again.Kwasi Prat said people in High places like the churches support these infidels and its true.
The name of Two gay Lawyers is legal aids so he should get the Homo lawyers to represent them in the Supreme court and I hope hey dont get anywhere.Civilized Ghanaians should try and discourage these behavior.

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TerriblY Spe cifiC
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Funeral Of the Homosexuals.
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