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An Open Letter on Festivals to the Okyeman Traditional Council

Comment: Nana, undergo drug test & rehabilitat

We cannot trust Nana
2011-05-09 15:29:13
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At the mention of NPP coming to power sends goose pimples all over my body. What a party full of cocaine monguls and tribal bigots. Only thinking of Ashantis and no one else. Eeeh! God have mercy. In any case, Nana has to undergo drug test and rehabilitation to correct the workings of his brains or else one day he will forget of himself and start shouting all die be die, all die be die, all die be die, yen akanfuo die in the midst of an important international conference and that will bring a monumental disgrace to the country.

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05-09 03:55
Nana, undergo drug test & rehabilitat
We cannot trust Nana
05-09 15:29