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2011 "The Year Of Action"

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2011-02-19 13:30:32
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2011 "The Year Of Action"


Let me give you this writings to read. I could careless of the sham sermon of yours. HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER. Do you know my age? I have children like you. I might be older than you. I know I am older than TK JAKES.I AM ALSO OLDER THAN Creflo Dollar. I am older than Barack Obama.

If I take your sermon, all these guys has to be careful how they talk about me and talk to me. I have not insulted Kufour. I compared Kufours administration to Nkrumah, who you might hate, as most Akans of Ghana hate. I am an Akan too, but refuse to follow just sensations.

Democracy is at it best where the citizens can air their opinions without euphoria. The word fool is in the bible. The word stupid is in the bible. The bible uses these words to talk against behaviours and actions that are not call for. Moreso comparing administrations, the word fool and stupid would be used. How you enterprete them determine your academic intelligence. I guess you are not in USA, the greatest democracy ever existed on earth, so it would be hard for you to understand people like us who live in the states.

When you stand on the radio and call the spirit in a person you have not met and do not surely know to be of demon, then who are you? I am sure Jesus can cast demons from afar. Why don't you do that. If I can reach you, I WOULD DEFINITELY COME TO YOU, SO THAT YOU CAN CAST OUT MY DEMON. Before you realise that I am not of demon, but a person chastise you for true righteous in Christ Jesus. Do not forget the bible is for edification through rebuke and criticisms. Your tone was not different from an irate lunacy, but because you were wearing pastors clown, you might think you are alright.

Some one was using me for his religious escapade, causing injury to my head as the MERE MAN or the beast from the sea and you do not want me to expose this story because you might be an accomplice. For your information, I understand the prophecy of REVELATION 13 very well.

There were four main characters to that REVELATION 13. I mean 4 beast. The bible makes us understand that the BEAST FROM THE SEA is the POWERFUL NATIONS ON EARTH. However, it is difficult to separate A Powerful Nation from Her ruling Leader.In the past, Kings were leading nations, now we have a beast call democracy, control by MERE MEN. Mere, because they have an opposition, unlike kings who had an absolute powers within their domians. We get mere democratic leaders who comes to power to become dictators like G.W Bush, all because of 9/11. Even to the extent that civil rights, the law of the land, that makes anybody living on that land becoms save from tyranny from any source redundant, by placing a patriot act.

These are the four beast of 9/11:
Bin laden--the beast from the SEA who created the 9/11 wound. He took the NY horn(the world trade Center). When a horn is removed from sheep a wound is created.
G.W. Busch--- the beast from the SEA who went to the world forum to lie and attacked the lamb who had nothing to do with the wound.
DICK CHENNEY----Hidding behind the plotting to attack the lamb(devil) using Foreign Affairs secretary the Lions mouth.
RAMSFELD-----The bears feet heading pentagon.
TONEY BLAIR--- The other beast from the SEA, with two heads to G.W. Bush.

G.W Bush---Became the BEAST FROM THE LAND, because he started his administrations with faith base concept, that made people belief he was of christ Jesus, but latter decisions proof contrary. He acted like King Herod of the days of Jesus birth. Remember, the word of God do not change even after catastrophy to his people. but to Bush everything changed. The message he was carrying was freedom and democracy. You and I knows democracy cannot solve human problems, instead it is going to be worse under democracy and capitalism(next topic). I know JESUS death gave me freedom from tyranny of the devil and Jesus is the only way. Anybody comes with bombs and guns I will never belief him. You can belief anyone you want, not me.

This makes Obama takes the place of Bush as the BEAST from The Sea. Why? The wound on Bush was carrying on to Obama who inherited the war of Afganistan and Irag. The patriot act that was put out to annul the civil rights of American abode is still going on with Obama. As Ramfeld said it best, Obama is still ruling with bush's tomb prints. Remember," the first shall be last and the last shall be first".

The false prophets are those who were prophecying to American public before the war.
This makes me their pre-plan DECOY for the Irag war. Has it not been the 9/11, definitely, USA government and the false prophets would have made me the lamb or the beast from the SEA. Even though, I am a citizen of Ghana, I have been in USA almost half of my life, that makes me part of USA society too. I have done several projects in IT FIELD for USA government institutions.Why all of the sudden becomes the beast, with no authority to make decisions. The beast from the SEA and the Land are all authority figures with no ABSOLUTE POWERS. In the book of Romans Jesus came to bring JEWS and NON JEWS together. So G.W. Bush.

Jesus was hanged. The bible says He was giving to his enemies by his own. SADDAM HUSSEIN was giving to his enemies by his own former friends USA.

Now this planners own me violations of my civil right, human rights laws and the injury they cause to my head and they are making the public think I am the deamon as you say. What did I do to become a deamon. A person baptised in a stream of water like jesus and have the baptismal of the holy spirit through Church of Pentecost, New Tafo, Kumasi. I can pull out all witnesses. Because of me, Some people still attend the church. The government and their false prophets are trying to hide the GREAT NEWS OF JESUS from the public, by making me a deamon. So that , people would not listen to me. Atleast, the Lord knows what is happening.

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