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Lessons From Egypt To Ghana

Comment: Who is fooling who?

2011-02-07 19:08:57
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Self Determination

It is not uncommon for those that live in pigeon holes to be thinking and behaving like pigeons. Ghana on the continent of Africa is not an island. Rather, it is a founding member of the OAU and now the AU. Ghana commits nothing less than 7% of her GDP to the running of the AU even when the same nation is struggling to feed her own population. Why this if we actually know the reason for this? Why commit our money to the running of an organization that we do not actually need? What could be the reason for being in the AU if not to get ourselves rid of the colonial monsters that have and are still milking us dry? Do we still have some animals on the land of Ghana still asleep thinking the colonial masters has anything good for them?
The long essay below is all about allowing the Ghanaian to be able to do more in his/her effort of controlling their own destiny than the colonial edifice that has characterised us as a nation. We live in abject poverty while our colonial masters wallow in mysterious wealth. The independent of Ghana will continue to be meaningless until it is link with the total liberation of Africa. Equally, this democracy of Ghana shall continue to be meaningless until it is link to the total democracy of the AU. If we are not practicing democracy just for it seek but rather to develop into a great nation among the other 53 AU member states, then what choice have we than allow for popular participation in the election of the Union's Authority? As for the colonial stoogies, the millions of the Ghanaians that go to bed daily with empty stomach are not as important as our annual ritual of fooling ourselves in the name of the democractic Ghana.

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Who is fooling who?
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