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Re: Returning Ga Dangbe Lands by the Government – I Disagree.


2011-02-07 14:38:39
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Re: Returning Ga Dangbe Lands by the Government

Well done, Odofo. I agree with you. It is naive to hear from these politicians that they don't have any use for the lands that the government acquired some time ago from the Ga Dangbe Chiefs so they are returning the lands to them. What a shame! It is just like telling us that, "we politicians, (the supposed law makers), are voted to play just the political game, and we have no use for the acquired lands so we are giving them away"

Do you politicians take us for granted and want us to believe that the government just went and grabbed the lands by force without any consultations and negotiations with the Ga Dangbe Chiefs? We want to know also whether the Chiefs were duly compensated or received some form of payments from the government or not. If compensations were given why should they be given back the lands? If these present politicians say that don't know why the land was aquired by the government they are lying or they don't want to be bothered. We challenge them to go to the Lands Commission and the associated agencies within government and they will find documentations relating to the acquisition and the proposed use for the lands. Can the politicians also tell us the developmental plans for the lands that they are seeking for? Or they want the lands back just to sell them for cash to be ued for construction of just some concrete structures that have with no consideration of the environment.

The government is setting a bad example. What about the forest reserved areas, the national parks, and other properties that the governmenthad acquired in other areas in Ghana. Are we going to return these lands to the original owners when start making "noise"?

I also support the idea that such lands can be turned into city parks and gardens. Some of us Ghanaians tend to think that a developed city comprised only of big and tall concrete structures with no regard to natural and green areas. Next time we have the opportunity to travel to say any North American or European city, let's take a break to see some of the city parks and evaluate for ourselves the importance of having parks as part of city planning.

If the government cannot think of any use of the acquired lands, the government should tranfer them to the cities of Accra and Tema to convert them into parks instead of giving them back to the Chiefs. These cities are crying for some beautiful and well maintained parks. They will uplift our cities aesthetically and environmentally. Such areas can also be used as recreational and tourist sites also.

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