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Re: Returning Ga Dangbe Lands by the Government – I Disagree.

Comment: WHO CARES IF ?

2011-02-07 07:57:21
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Re: Returning Ga Dangbe Lands by the Government

Adofo,isn´t it better for these lands to be returned to their lawful owners than leave it for thieves like Kufour and his cronies to steal? I am very sure that,you are not a Ga and can never be. Have you so soon forgotten what Kufour and your so called Ashantehene did? Even though this man Kwaku Duah has hundreds of thousands of acres of land under his authority,he still demeed it very necessary to go in for just a piece of "loot".Rockson,do you know why? Because to people like Kufour and Kwaku Duah,anything that belongs to the Government is not for anybody and that,they can take it whenever they want without even paying for it forgetting that the Government has previously paid for it and also criminally depriving the original owners from getting it.In this situations and since the Government has no immediate plans to put those plots or lands into use,it is only good for the Governemt to release them to the owners.That is what the good and wise president of Ghana is doing.People like you can call it whatever you wish but the fact still remained that,it will go a long way to prevent thieves like Kufour and the Asantehene and their cronies from stealing them.

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