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Re: Returning Ga Dangbe Lands by the Government – I Disagree.


Amanshianyebi Okoe
2011-02-07 01:01:13
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Re: Returning Ga Dangbe Lands by the Government

.....The NPP government sold state lands to themselves. Why did the NPP not think of establishing state parks and gardens but rather sold the Ga lands to themselves. Some of you argue as if there is no reason why the NDC government deems it fit to return unused acquired lands to their owners. these lands have been kept for decades only for NPP to dispose of them in a manner that befits visiting the Teshie Military Range. Rockson Adofo, don't bring this stupid idea here again, and don't you get me angry this early morning.

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02-07 00:51
Amanshianyebi Okoe
02-07 01:01