Feature Article of Sunday, 19 September 2010

Columnist: The Royal Enoch

Ghanaians Who Are Too White To Be Black

As Black people, living in a predominant White environment could influence the way we see ourselves. Every time that you turn on your television, you would probably see a White person. In fact, we are constantly bombarded with white imagery that, as a person of color, you find yourself out of place. Quite early on, I discovered that the White environment promotes White beauty, believes, values, perceptions, and principles. These values, principles, perceptions, and believes are interwoven in the White society. So, for a person of color, the only way to survive in a White environment is to conform to them. Sometimes, as a person of color, you cease to be yourself in such an environment. You become somebody else without even knowing that you have changed. You see, the changing process occurs slowly and unnoticeably. For instance, a Ghanaian living in a White environment wont notice this change until he/she returns to Ghana.

Once in Ghana, your relatives would spot the inner transformation in you. They would see what you cannot see yourself. They would see a Black-man/ woman turned White. Now, you wouldn’t admit to yourself that you’re no longer Black, but your actions would speak volumes. The way that you look at your relatives would betray you. Your mannerisms would betray you. The way that you think and talk would betray you. You might think that you’re a Black-man/ woman in your mind. You might even think that you’re the same person in your mind. In Ghana, however, folks would call you a White-man/woman behind your back. You see, most Ghanaians living a White environment not only undergo a character transformation but also a mental transformation. As a result, most of them become more White in their thinking than Black. They return to Ghana with a colonized mind. They return to Ghana with a sick mind. They return to Ghana totally confused.

The Ghanaian children born in a White environment have it worse. These children are indoctrinated to see the color white as the epitome of success, power, and beauty. Just the other day on the television, two dolls were placed in front of a black child. The two dolls came in two shades--white and black. The black child, in question, was asked to pick out the most beautiful doll. Guess what? The dear child picked out the pale-skinned doll. Mind you, nobody told this beauty black child that the color black is ugly. So, what made this child go for the white doll? I mean, this beautiful black child could’ve gone for the black doll. After all, that would have been the most appropriate choice to make since both of them are of the same shade. Folks, this goes to show the level of damage that’s being done to the minds of Black children living a White environment. These beautiful black children become White on the inside before they discover that Black is beautiful.

Now, I am sure that these children, just like their Ghanaian parents, would return to Ghana someday. But, guess what? They too would return to Ghana with a colonized mind. They too would return with a sick mind. They too would return to Ghana totally confused. Folks, my question is; could such children and their parents make Ghana, a Black country, better with their obroni mentality? And, how?

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