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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with ...

Comment: C'mon! We Are Under a Civilian Gov't.

G.K. Berko.
2010-09-01 13:30:47
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We are under a civilian Government that hasn't gotten the Military running around harrassing the Citizens. So, if it were not for convenient Political propaganda to associate the NDC with past mistakes of the PNDC, what real possibility is there that what the Chairman of NDC said only meant he and his Party would murder any Judge that did not rule correctly or in line with the NDC's wishes?

If the Judiciary wants to assure us of their neurality, such comments as the Chairman of NDC made should never deter them but cause them to prove him wrong by educating the Public on the essence of the rulings that the Chairman thinks are dubious politically motivated skewing of Justice.

Justice Oppong, in similar spirit, should not have stood down but challenge the Deputy A-G to submit the evidence he claimed he had, or face contempt of Court or an attempt to undermine the competency of the Judge by false claims.

We cannot allow real politically coerced rulings to continue in our Judicial system at the expense of fairness and integrity, and fail to seek redress for fear that the Judges would claim to be targets for elimination by anyone.

Ghana is not Mexico where drug cartels could organize blazen fatal assaults on Judges that are handling their cases to get the Judges out of the way and intimidate potential replacements into ruling for the gangs.

The case of Pakistan where a previous Government dismissed the Chief Justice for taking a legal stand contrary to the Government's, and most of the Lawyers and other Justices in the country took to the streets in protest, could be a good example of how we can counteract any Government effort to silence the Judiciary.

However, the people and the State also should not be denied fair trial for Political expediency by the Judges who might really have some Political agenda of their own.

The independence of the Judiciary is not a license for the Judiciary to pick and choose who they should find guilty or innocent, completely ignoring the real intent of the Laws of our land.

Ghanaians are not stupid and cowardly anymore to accept any orchestration of the Judicial process to favor any particular political camp. And we must have recourse to demand an appeal or have a working mechanism to break any intransigent deliberate error-prone Judiciary. Else, our Democracy becomes a sham.

Long Live Ghana!!

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08-28 01:24
C'mon! We Are Under a Civilian Gov't.
G.K. Berko.
09-01 13:30