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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with ...

Comment: Gabby writes far better than Okoampa

2010-08-28 01:59:03
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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with

Even if you don't always agree with what Gabby writes because you are not blinded by a desire to white-wash the history of the Busia-Danquah-(minus Dombo) tradition, you will agree that the guy writes far better than Okoampa-Ahoofe who is a fellow board member of the Danquah Institute - the Accra-based think-tank whose primary raison d'être is to sell the NPP (and in particular Akufo-Addo) to the Ghanaian public.

I don't know how old Gabby was 40 years ago when we saw Busia's "No Court" statement on the front pages of our newspapers - mainly Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times. But the study of history can make him dig up this case to illustrate something happening today. And if he is a lawyer, then he might have studied the case in detail too.

I am not too sure if I follow all the intricacies of the case as presented in this lengthy piece but is it just only that Gabby is telling us that government is interfering too much in the (a) case or that hearsay should not be used as evidence to remove a trial judge from a case?

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Gabby writes far better than Okoampa
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