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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with ...

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I & I
2010-08-28 01:42:57
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How the Busia government and the judges dealt with

Gabby, I understand where you're coming from. Your mistake however, is that you expect members of the ndc government/party to go about things the way normal human beings do. I believe you are old enough to have been around when the afrc/pndc/ndc took control of Ghana through the barrel of the gun. Have they ever used logic in any decision they make since that time? the answer is a big NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!. These individuals are in power because the country they rule is on the African Continent. A large number of them would be in jail in countries that have respect for the law and human lives. The rest, most of them would be working in pig farms, slaughter houses and factories. That is right, that is what they are fit for.

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I & I
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