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The Presidential Circus

Comment: It was the same NPP Time

2009-05-26 14:50:00
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The Presidential Circus

what is this man talking about. Not able to feed your family did not start today. Unless you want to tell me that during the NPP time you were getting some money somewhere, than what you are now leaving on. If not then it is almost the same for the last eight years. But tell me, so what are you expect within this five months, taking into consideration the way your people messed up the economy and looted the coffers. However if you still do not understand why we should change government, then let me tell you. If a government is looting from state coffers to the benefit of some small group of people and dealing in drugs, being tribalistic, greedy, etc etc. then there is a serious need to change them and bring another government. If the new one comes and they are doing the same things, we shall change them too, okay.

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richard duncan
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It was the same NPP Time
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