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The Presidential Circus

Comment: N.Ansah, Stop Fiifi-Kweteying!

Jato Julor(J.J.)Rawlings
2009-05-25 16:28:38
Comment to:

Nana Ansah, stop fiifi-kweteying please !

I find it really hard to accept your side of the coin with regard to your comments on the NPP's handling of the 'econmini' during its tenure.

Why are you finding it hard to accept the statistical data on the "econmini" left behind by the NPP which has become the benchmark for measuring any future govt,even though the present govt used the same data for the delivery of its maiden budget ?

If the NPP lied about the GDP having been expanded to the tune of $16.6 billion from a meagre $3.4 billion in 2001,then why did the current NDC govt used that data to read its budget ?

Why ?

I hope you are not telling us that the NDC too lied on that.

Why are you also finding it hard to accept that global crude oil prices hit an all time high of $147 dollars a barrel,together with global grain prices quadrupling in the middle of 2008,dislodging a lot of "econminis" around the world leading to food riots in Senegal,Bangladesh,Egypt,Cameroon,Haiti,Pakistan e.t.c. yet Ghana under the astute leadership of the Kufuor led NPP govt was able to weather the storm ?

Are you using the lack of operations at the Valco plant and the malfunctioning of cotton industries to suggest a bankrupt economy even though the "econmini" recorded a growth of 7.3% ?

Tell this forum the last time Ghana recorded an "econminiminic" growth of 7.3%.

Just tell this forum 3 countries in the whole of African,Caribbean and Pacific community(ACP)which recorded an "econminiminic" growth of 7.3%.

Talking about corruption and embezzlement under the Kufuor administration without proof is a non-starter, so stop harping on that.

To be fiifi-kweteying here about how bad the state of the "econmini" left behind by the NPP is, is really really risible.

Is the deficit of 11.5% a justication for terming the "econmini" a bankrupt one,after all what happened in 2008 with regard to the world financial crunch,the all time high of global crude oil prices and the quadrupling of global grain prices ?

Since when did borrowing to invest develop a country became a crime ?

Are you telling this forum that you never knew the state of the "econmini" in 2001 before the NPP came to power ?

"If you hate the antelope",you have the right to do so,but "don't attempt to denigrate its speed" or classify it as a slow-running animal.

Never forget that Communism, or its daughter-product Socialism, has never been a success story anywhere in the world, even if capitalism wasn't/isn't the best.

It is really unbelievable to hear you claiming that all of Ghana's problems started in 2001 when the NPP took over the reigns of government, and seeing nothing wrong with the 20 years of misadventure by these very koborlors,now in power, who had every chance in the world to turn the "econmini" into a middle-income country in 20 years with their arbitrary power.

May Maawu God Nyumgbo Allah Nyankupon strengthen our hearts and minds to be able to stand up to the truth at all times and Long Live Maaaame Ghana.

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N.Ansah, Stop Fiifi-Kweteying!
Jato Julor(J.J.)Rawlings
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