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The Presidential Circus


Nana Ansah
2009-05-25 09:08:52
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Barima SARPONG, we have been here before and please I am not here to say what you already know neither could you appease me to accept any cooked statistics from the previous NPP government. It is bogus, I will not buy into it.

That said, I am not a staunch supporter of NDC. I am a Ghana First fan. CPP is my party of choice. I don’t need to mention that each time.

SARP by your narration, if Kufuor's NPP left Ghana in the land of milk and honey then this very country cannot be broke on the eve of Jan 7 2009. So this statistic can at best be deposited in the dustbin because it flies against the face of logic since it is NPP that drove us into this Economic/ Ecomini/Kominini nightmare of doom and gloom.

Mind you, the 419 Euro bond/ loan is what broke our back. Our lenders CITI bank and UBS are now deep in the red and needed a bailout from their respective governments to prevail. So the Fitch ratings were a cloak to hoodwink Ghanaians by these financial institutions but the good people of Ghana never fell into that trap and rejected the bait by NPP government.

SARPONG, I don't know what constitute development or progress for you. I have lived in a Ghana where electricity and water runs for months and years without interruption.
During my boarding school days we hardly had any of these rations. If at all, it was on rare occasions and was fixed within a short time frame. At least we could have maintained and kept this pace.

Now each time I visit the Ghana every now and then you don’t have water or electricity. Do you call this development? Well, you may be impressed by a dual road here and there but not very much have been done when you go to the rural areas. It is as if time has stood still in these places. Even in our urban centers most of the moon crater roads which were not tarred when I left home still remains the same. So each time you come up with development mantra it makes me laugh. SARPONG, even some of the roads leading to the plush prison yard mansions in East Legon are so horrible it gives me a feeling of nausea.

My humble self see progress when 98% of our people can read and write, when clean water be it from borehole is enhancing people’s life and health post is available in every village or the immediate one. I see development when water and electricity is running uninterrupted for more than a month unlike in Ghana where Ghana@50 was celebrated in darkness or our every two days there is cut and ration routine of the above mentioned.

SARPONG, we cannot agree on everything but I cannot be blinded by Kufuor’s waste. When I see waste I know it. I don’t hate Kufuor but I hate his fiscal policy. The embezzlement and corruption which took place under his watch is unprecedented in the short history of our regaining independence. Remember the adage: Stupid people do stupid things and that is equally fitting for our so called leaders. Any meaningful investment in Ghana as Jan 6, 2009? Valco has been left to rot and the rice farms left to idle and Cotton factories come to a grind. So let’s leave it there. SARP, I know how difficult it is for you to blame the bogey man party prince Kufuor who was jet setting for nothing and yet we are still brothers in arms fighting for Ghana First. Long Live Ghana devoid of VIP’S (Very Irresponsible Parliamentarians)

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