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The Presidential Circus

Comment: It Isn't Ecomini But Econmini

Jato Julor(J.J.)Rawlings
2009-05-25 09:01:46
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Forgot your medication?

It isn't ecomini but econmini !

The second high-class clownery performed by Prof.'adze wo fie a 3y3' aka Egya Atta in his 6 months in office was not "Ecomini" but rather "econmini".

For those of you who are in dare need of the 'econmini ring tones',which is currently in short supply in the country, the Yahuda Ringtones Consulting(a leading ringtone producing outfit in the U.K.)has just installed new machines in the country and production has began.

It is estimated that with the current production of 10,000 a day, there will be enough in the country to meet 200 million or so ordered by Prez Obama and which he intends to pick up personally in July.

Fans of the 'econmini ring tone' can thus order direct from The Yahuda Ringtone consulting, the U.K. firm currently a leader in ringtone technology.

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It Isn't Ecomini But Econmini
Jato Julor(J.J.)Rawlings
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