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The Presidential Circus


Nana Ansah
2009-05-25 06:28:12
Comment to:

Mr. Osei, to be fair, ask yourself in your heart of hearts, do you want Mills to undo the 8 years of unprecedented epidemic corruption that was nursed and sanctioned by the Kufuor’s administration in a whisk by the twist or turn of a finger in 5 months? Are you not asking for too much too soon? It does not even happen in America these days in the world’s largest economy.

In all fairness and seriousness, do you want the narcotic and drug business which was heralded as the GOLDEN AGE/ERA of business under Kufuor’s watch to go away in 5 months when Kufuor ‘s ministers and NPP MP’s like Amoateng (who is now serving in prison sentence in America) were at the epic of centre of drug trafficking, to vanish like in a David Copperfield magic show? Are you kidding me? What a Joke!

Do you want the mire of economic “ecomini” meltdown due to opulent and irresponsible over spending which was directed out of lack of foresight and inadequacies of Kufuor’s administration to go away in a twinkle of an eye?

Do you want armed robbery/gangsters and crime which was bred under Kufuor’s watch and nothing done about it in 8 years to vanish into thin air like the 757 cars ordered by Kufuor’s administration at the cost of $20 million and no where to be found?

I am not a staunch supporter of Mills, however, we learn to craw, to walk and finally hit the ground running. Ghana is broke that is glaring and inconvenient fact so the present NDC administration cannot conjure any stimulus package. Period.

If anything, you will have to charge those who brought us into this mess in the first place and not expect Mills by magic wand to undo the ills and myriad of problems like unemployment, miseducation (schooling under trees), lack of healthcare and sanitation, etc which were relegated to the bottom of the ladder whilst Kufuor and reckless NPP were partying away $35 million for Ghana@50, building Taj Mahals and buying Executive planes at a total whopping price of $140 million when a borehole for clean water cost $1000 and a treated mosquito net for malaria prevention cost $5.

Yes, Mills has to get his finger out since Ghanaians fingers itch i.e are impatient. That said, it is grossly shameful and unfair on your part to place the cow drop at Mills doorstep and neglect the lasting and damaging effect left by Kufuor and his NPP modern-day pirates who robbed Ghana’s treasury and left the country with $8 billion debt after $4.2 HIPC debt relief in 2005.

The sinister and murky past of the last NPP government, who came in rags (paupers) and left filthy rich, are those who made it impossible for bread earners to be called WORKING POOR, i.e if they have any work at all, and they are the ones you will have to attack and not Fifii Mills.

THe moaning and whinning of the NPP and their forebears heralded the infamous feb 24,1966 coup. The same moaning and whinning of the PFP (NPP) gave way to the second coming of JJR. Beware Ghanaians, a three time fool is a big fool. Each time these thieves are in the opposition they whine like a swine. Don't fall into their tricks. Their lies aren't working anymore. Thier constant whines in last 5 five months establishes their bankruptcy when they left power. After 8 years of so much opulence, they left Ghanaians in a gloomy and dire poverty. Now the same people who left Ghanainas a grim/doom future are moaning and whinning. What a murky world!

Long Live Maame Ghana devoid of charlatan VIP’S ( Very Irresponsible Parliamentarians)

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