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The Presidential Circus

Comment: Mills will call Obama, OSAMA on that day

2009-05-25 00:52:55
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The Presidential Circus

"Even more hilarious was when the learned professor turned the seven-lettered word “economy” upside-down to “ecomini” (or was it econimi?) when he addressed parliament. How did the learned tax law professor contrive to come up with the above gaffes? And what do we make of the president’s “Ofuntuo” (instead of Otumfuo) gaffe ...."

Our dear President is about to disgrace our Nation when Obama visits Ghana. The probability of this President calling Obama, OSAMA is 99.9999%. He needs prayers and fastings to able to hear Obama and also not changing Obama's name to Osama.

By the way, check the "ECOMINI" on youtube:

Another one:

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richard duncan
05-25 11:36
Mills will call Obama, OSAMA on that day
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