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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

Comment: Why Can't They Buy Their Own?

2009-03-10 13:31:52
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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

Folks, I am seriously at a loss, here. Someone should, please, help me understand, why in the World these Politicians can't buy their own vehicles of their choice with their own hard earned income? Can anyone tell me why all other citizens that own cars buy their own cars but the Politicians do not ever want to relinquish any hold on vehicles that the People of Ghana might have lent to them to use in performance of National duties?

How could these same politicians run around shouting democracy, the U. S. A. style, but when it comes to owning property, they choose to take the most from the State without any due permission? In the U. S. A. Senators and Congress-persons buy their own vehicles with their pay. They may only have license tags to indicate what their Official positions might be. That is all. They do not ride in Government cars whilst in office or after they are booted out or on Retirement.

If Ghanaians Politicians love the official vehicles they have been given so much that they would cherish to continue using the same after their service to the Country is over, maybe, they should be allowed to buy them with part of their retirement from the Government, even in the cases where they do not have enough cash-on-hand or loan to buy them.

These cars could sold to them as used cars and priced close to, if not exactly at, market price. The fact that someone served as a Minister in the Government, for example, does not confer on the one any special rights to discount on buying from the Government.

I know, even with this suggestion of mine, others would not agree but insist on open Public auction by the Government if it felt these cars had to be sold off. The Question then arises as to why the Government might want to get rid of these vehicles after all.

Well, sometimes it makes much sense to sell off old Government Properties to make way for newer and most modern versions for best performance. All this could be sorted out by the various Inspectorate Agencies under the Government.

If the Policy is best for the Country's well-being that these cars should be sold off after being used by these Politicians, that Policy could, perhaps, be set to give the Politicians that have been using them, the first right of purchase. In that case, we could be saying: "in appreciation of your service to Ghana, we would allow you the right to be first in line to purchase the car at the market price with no discount". And those who would like to exercise that right could do so, and those that do not could walk away.

Our Politicians should not, under any circumstance, take the liberty in keeping these cars without proper State processes being exhausted with them. We, as a people, too, would have to be fully made aware of the honest dealings with the cars as dictated by the Policies that we may have to put in place.

In that case, there would be no need for people like Victor Smith running around to display their newly found "power" in siezing cars from the Politicians, either for honestly doing their patriotic duty or simply taking the opportunity to thumb the eyes of his political opponents that would out of power.

The Laws could then stipulate that if any Minister or Official chose to keep a car that should have been returned, after a certain grace period to allow for the car's return, the value of the car should be automatically deducted from the official's retirement account for the current year. No further retrieval efforts would be necessary, and no hooliganistic, macho-thuggery in the name of Patriotism would be required.

The most important thing to note is that the Officials driving the cars should not think they own the cars when the State gives these vehicles to them to facilitate serving the Nation.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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Why Can't They Buy Their Own?
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