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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

Comment: TO PADDY

2009-03-10 13:10:17
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Paddy, what I am saying and will coontinue to say is KOFI DIAWUO is SENSELESS and USELESS and majority of Atwima citizens will agree with me. Where do you know him? This I D I O T took us for a ride. He started his political career at Atwima Nwabeagya after Hon B.F. Kusi in 1969 until he became his party's leader and then president. The previous NDC government, Nkawie (Atwima Nwabeagya District Capital) was chosen as The National Agric Show Site and started developing the site but didn't complete before their term in office. Could you believe that, that your saviour president didn't do anything about it, and the site is as the NDC left it? IF he have even a least ATOM of SENSE in his BIG HEAD, what do you THINK, he should have done during that 8years? I prove my case. We are bitter. So please Paddy, don't add insults to injuries. I know where I'm coming from and know where I am going. Yes is true, his SENSELESS & STUPIDITY have affected us/me and I tell you the truth, I HATE him more than anything. I PRAY, that Iget admission into the Military Academy, which is YES I WILL. Is going to be a HOUSE CLEANING, and no hanging on to POWER. The D-DAY willcome, mark it. Thank you Paddy. Ihad the best training both at home and school eg. my primary school teachers were Fantes and Akuapims in a mission school. I was in the school choir and also a mass server. Believe me, Kofi diawuo is SENSELESS.

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