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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

Comment: The truth is good

2009-03-10 13:06:46
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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

I wonder if people writing comments actually read and understand the point of the article. I don't see any politics in this article. It is the truth these guys are saying. From the comments it seems Ghanaians will rather insult or kill the person for telling the truth. This is perhaps why people are describing this article as useless and stupid. What the writers described was that a poor country like Ghana, cannot, and should not provide a car as costly as the VW Phaeton to a low-ranked member of the president's staff. This shows how irresponsible our leaders are be it NPP or NDC. To most of us, this makes sense. How can we spend this much money to make one man happy and the rest of us suffer. The money, thousands of dollars could have been spent on the more important things like providing good source of drinking water. All that we think of is politics. It is about time people writing comments sit down and do critical analysis without see everything as
someone belong to party A or B.
Most reasonable and sensible people will agree on a fundamental principle that we the people of Ghana must cut one's coat according to our size. The wisdom inherent in this principle applies to individuals as well as states no matter who is in power. The fact that Rawlings used state planes to teach his does not mean that NPP should do stupid things like that by buy expensive cars we had to get loans for it. It makes sense, for our leaders to get think about the poor for once.
The problem with so many of readers, commentators and contributors on Ghanaweb is that everything someone talks about is seen in party political terms. Hence, we don't see anything objectively. This is rather sad and unfortunate. If we continue with this behavior we cannot progress as a country. We need progressive discussion of important issues and take our leaders to task. Thanks to people like these writers, not affiliated to any of the political parties for taken the leaders and fake doctors (borrowed degree) like you know what task. If we don't stop this one will not have the courage to critically scrutinize any policy or government action, for fear of being condemned. Sometimes it is so obvious that people don't invest time to actually read articles they are commenting on.
This is shameful to all those who just comment from your stomach without thinking about mother Ghana first. God bless Ghana and all the deprive citizens in it.

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The truth is good
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