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Kwabena Agyapong and the VW Phaeton

Comment: Country ruled by Cars?

Oman Ba
2009-03-10 05:44:05
Comment to:
NPP and cars

It's very sad indeed, when at this critical phase of national life so much attention and emphasis! are being showered on CARS - types, seized, confiscated, accumulated, stolen, whatever! To the extent 2 Drs (maybe of Cars or marketing) to post this to waste our reading time!
Yes, they may have issues with people's wasteful tastes and frivolities, but I would not think this is the time when there are most pressing national issues needing attention: soaring inflation, rising market prices, increased borrowing rate, increased armed robbery and thuggery, depreciating water and sanitation, etc, etc.
Don't we have relevant apparatus any longer to handle these cars and related issues?
I live in Ghana, and greatly bothered by the frequently, if not daily talk of car seizures; the embarrassments to our polity!!
And, two Drs, presumably from the comfort of America or Europe, rather than plough back the brains to help in very critical areas decide to talk about CARS in a feature article! God have mercy.
Let us post articles that build from where we stand. Let's build the walls before putting the right paint. Thank you.

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Country ruled by Cars?
Oman Ba
03-10 05:44