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Why Mrs. Zita should be reassigned urgently

Comment: Slavery started in Egypt.

Newlove Papavi
2009-02-23 14:10:35
Comment to:

What is your problem, didn't Isrealites sold themselves into slavery in Egypt.

The Slavs, or what we called today Checkoslovakia, Romania, Albanians, Bulgarians and many more easterners were all slaves to the Roman Empire, Greek, Russians.

Even English people used to be slaves to the Romans, Greek, and the Normans.

Irish were slaves and later were converted into servitude. It is only their skin that turn that fact a hidden history on these atrocities.

Ashantis and Ewes is just rivalry.
If you live in US, how many times someone comes from the North and won US election. So you should know there is always north and south divide and rivalry.
English and Irish rivalry is deadly.
Italians, Spanish and others have that rivalry among their citizens.

I think you need to learn because all these things shapes our history.

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Slavery started in Egypt.
Newlove Papavi
02-23 14:10