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Why Mrs. Zita should be reassigned urgently

Comment: Ewe had 1st published books.

Newlove Papavi
2009-02-22 06:54:14
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Are You A Name-Stealer Too?

Idiot, Ewe got the first local dictionary and published books in Africa published in Germany in 18th century.

Ewe (native name E?egbe, 'the E?e language') is a Kwa language spoken in Ghana and Togo by approximately 5 million people. Ewe is part of a cluster of related languages commonly called Gbe, stretching from eastern Ghana to Western Nigeria. Other Gbe languages include Fon and Aja. Like other Gbe languages, Ewe is a tonal language.

The German Africanist Diedrich Hermann Westermann published first many dictionaries and grammars of Ewe and several other Gbe languages before any Africa local was published. Other linguists that have worked on Ewe include Gilbert Ansre (tone, syntax), Hounkpati B. Capo (phonology, phonetics), Herbert Stahlke (morphology, tone), Roberto Pazzi (anthropology, lexicography), Felix K. Ameka (semantics, cognitive linguistics) and Alan Stewart Duthie (semantics, phonetics). Diedrich Hermann Westermann (June 24, 1775 and May 31, 1956) was a German missionary, Africanist, and linguist. ...

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Ewe had 1st published books.
Newlove Papavi
02-22 06:54
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