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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

Comment: Morality vrs Physical fitness?

Gbagbladza V
2008-11-07 07:38:26
Comment to:
I Know Akosa Sarpong Is STUPID

This piece can only come from a demented political activist. They write any rubbish in the name of us, the floating voters. I, Gbagbladza, prefer a sick president to a kakapiopio and junkie president. Tell me, how many Legon girls has Akuffo Addo sent overseas during his tenure as a Minister of Foreign Affairs. I am sometimes surprised that NDC is not digging the archives of this morrally bankrupt midget of a presidential aspirant. Enough of the nonsense!

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11-07 00:17
Morality vrs Physical fitness?
Gbagbladza V
11-07 07:38
Debrah Kofi
11-07 18:41