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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

Comment: Not A Typical NPP propaganda

2008-11-07 04:49:26
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Typical NPP propaganda

Usually when a political party seeks re-election, it uses its socio-economic accomplishments to do the talking.

However with its close to zero accomplishments and billions of Cedi's squandered on trivial endeavours, this particular governments doesn't have anything significant to sell to anyone anymore.

So now they have resorted to unnecessary bribery, demagoguery allegations and plain-out childish propaganda to influence the electorate.

Which off course wont work this time.

Even their huge illiterate followers have deserted them, so you go figure.

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11-07 00:17
Not A Typical NPP propaganda
11-07 04:49
Debrah Kofi
11-07 18:41