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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

Comment: Rubbish

Kofi T
2008-11-07 02:22:43
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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

K Akosah Sarpong, I do not believe an intelligent person will write such a hollow and baseless article. Let me tell you, the Prof is a lot more fitter and healthier than yourself. The prof is very healthy. There is nothing wrong in supporting your party but do not do this at the expense of a very capable person's health. Stop playing God. Do you know when you will die? Did you ever know Baah Wiredu whom you all believed was healthier than the learned prof would die before his time? Why can't NPP think and campaign sensibly? I am so angered by your article that I will leave my number for you to call me. Or failing that I dare you to give me your number so that I will call you to teach you some some sense which you obviously lack. My number is 00260955822137. Unfortunately I am not in Ghana at the moment but will be in January. My Ghana number is 0243822137 or 0144280137. Why can't you talk about policies which will see the country forward? Why don't you talk aboutimportant issues affecting our education, housing, the economy and the fraud and disreregard for justice in Ghana. Why don't you talk about armed robbery and blue colour robbery in high places? The current president was also reported as making the same unfortunate statement about the prof's health. If it is true then I expect him to apologise. A president should not talk lose as if his head is not screwed on. I only hope it is not true.

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Kofi T
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Debrah Kofi
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