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Deconstructing John Evans Atta-Mills

Comment: Typical NPP propaganda

Nsem fon Ahi
2008-11-07 00:54:45
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Thoughtful piece

Hahaahaaa, this is a typical NPP propaganda. I read "John Atta-Mills’ failure to attend a highly significant peace meeting organized in Accra by the Editors Forum for presidential candidates in the face of some political violent and the allegations making the rounds by his own party that the ruling NPP intends to rig the December 7 general elections further fuel the political speculation whether he has the guts to rule Ghana" I have been observing Nana Addo since he was elected the fladgearer of NPP and up to date Nana has never talked about the narcotics menace that has hit the country and how to address it. Even at IEA debate Nana never mentioned it though all the aspirants talked about it. Why is Nana keeping quite on cocaine, arm robbery, looting, nurder of Issa Mobila etc? Does it mean when Nana Addo come he would do the same? Would cocaine flow like talkum powder when Nana Addo becomes president? God forbid!

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Typical NPP propaganda
Nsem fon Ahi
11-07 00:54
Debrah Kofi
11-07 18:41