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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Re: More Fact on TVT Plebiscite

Kofi Amenyo
2008-05-13 23:46:58
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More Fact on TVT Plebiscite

Thanks, Wise Observer, for your wise observations. I specifically asked in my postscript for corrections and additions to the piece and your contribution is exactly in that vein. Unfortunately, it came too late. It is true I didn't go into the controversy surrounding the results - something which is very important especially for the losers. It is also not very much reported in the 'official' accounts of these times. That is why your addition is pertinent. And you made your point without any insults! I hope someone else can come up with an account that says other aspects of the issue. We all want to know our history and there is a lot more to it than my already too long article depicted.

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Re: More Fact on TVT Plebiscite
Kofi Amenyo
05-13 23:46
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