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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Map of British Togoland

Okomfo Anokye Bajan
2008-05-11 09:57:07
Comment to:
Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the uni

Kofi Amenyo,

Thank you very much for this rich historical account of Trans Volta Togoland.

Like some of your other readers, I did not realise that the area which held the plebiscite was a landlocked area which did not include the southern parts of what is now the Volta Region of Ghana. But I will not be insulting you because of that as I have seen two of them do so far.

I was very happy to find this map on the internet which depicts it exactly like you described. I think you will be happy to refer to it in future.

(Search the web for Wikipedia British Togoland)

Thanks once again for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational article. As a black Caribbean person who has dedicated myself to the study of African history, I really appreciate every word of what you have presented here.

Nuff Respect,
Okomfo Anokye Bajan.

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Map of British Togoland
Okomfo Anokye Bajan
05-11 09:57