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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Did you read well, Energy?

Kofi Amenyo
2008-05-10 10:50:33
Comment to:

Energy, maybe you read the piece in a hurry. I made it clear that Anlo was not part of the TVT. What do you say about this in the beginning?

"The area was partitioned between the two occupying powers in 1916 with the British taking 33,775 sq km of area stretching from Ho to almost near the border with the Upper Volta". Does that include the Anlo?

"The coastal parts of the present Volta Region, which were more homogeneously Ewe (mainly Anlo speaking) than the northern parts, had long been transferred to the British from the Danes after the Berlin Conference of 1844 and had never been under German administration." Did you read that too in the second paragraph?

Then the reference to Gbedemah that was pointed to you by Johnie.
If the fact is mentioned three times and you missed all, then one must ask you other questions. You seem to be the only one who missed that. One of my reasons for writing this piece is to correct the perception that all EWE speakers were TVT. Perceptive readers did not miss that fact.

Can you distinguish speculations from fact? What we could have become if we went back were my own (personal) speculative thoughts not a statement of fact. You have to treat them as such.

The history recounted here is a controversial one. Everybody thinks his version is the correct one. No matter the way you recount it, someone will say there is something wrong with it. It will be better if you can tell us your version which you think is the correct one, then we can all discuss it and be enlightened by it. (Look at Dr Kodzo-Grey's postings above. He disagreed wih parts and pointed out specific issues which he itemized, rather than making general abusive statements). That is far better than the abusive words you seem to be so good at. I don't even know if you are Ewe...

Let us discuss this issue dispassionately and learn from it. It is part of our common history. I am ready to learn from you too. Please give me that chance...

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Did you read well, Energy?
Kofi Amenyo
05-10 10:50
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