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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

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2008-05-09 19:08:53
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You dont know me to suggest that im not doing my part to help the country. I do not want to boast but for your information i work hard and have others on my payroll too.

All im saying is that people who want to lead should lead well. i am not a die hard fan of any politician. it is about time we make our politicians know that they dont own the ghana.

Nkrumah did his best my miss managing the country? Rawlings did his best killing innocent people in the name of corruption just to turn around produce a corrupt government? No. Who voted Rawlings to lead us? He came with gun. There people who could have done it better but they were given no chance. those of you questioning my contribution are the same people who will attack NPP when they know that these guys have done relatively far better than all the previous self impossed governments.

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