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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana


2008-05-09 13:27:54
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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the uni

Kofi Amenyo, your thoughts to mark the 52nd anniversary of the TVT plebiscite was found very interesting, insightful and educative.
Since some of my friends contacted me to discuss the possibility of reviving agitation for the Volta Region to break away, I demanded answers to a few questions:
a) if the venture were fruitful, why did Rawlings, a supposed son of the land who had ruled Ghana for 19 long years not use his privileged position to support the cause?
b) Why was the agitation not started when Rawlings was in office? Is it a tribalistic sentiment that erupted the agitation just because Rawlings, a son of the land’s party had lost the elections?
c) Had the agitators found out from the generality of the population if they are ready to face a struggle of such magnitude?
d) Have they found out that the cream of the region have their properties, and for that matter, their hearts more across the Volta River(Gold Coast/Ghana) other than in the region, and what accounts for that? And will they therefore be ready to support such a cause?
e) Have they realized that the youth who traveled across the Volta River to Ghana often hid their identities and do not want to be identified with the region? And what accounts for that?
f) Did they consider what kind of image a failed agitation will create for the credibility and cohesion within and without the region? Will it not result into political faut pas?
g) Are they knowledgeable that the plebiscite was not a tribal(E3e) issue but territorial; and that the A`los were not part of it, and that Togoland Congress(Abl42e) victories were only chalked in the Ho and Kpando areas?
h) Are the people psychologically tuned to such a venture?
i) Have they realized that, we E3es are always trying to adopt divisive tendencies that are manifest in the numerous weak, miserable and ineffective chieftaincy conflicts in the region? It is sad that, while others are talking about unification, we are talking about division.
j) I discounted excuses that even MPs support the cause.

Indeed, I do not see the wisdom in the agitation since they could not get any sound answers to the questions. Democracy, as I understand it, is a game of wits, using legitimate means with a conscience that is alive; not selfish but progressive.
The peace we enjoy today is enough for any serious minded person in the Volta Region to sit down, plan and pursue his/her purpose in life to success. That success will not be found in a wild goose chase.

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