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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Betrayal of TVT

Kofi Amenyo
2008-05-09 13:07:32
Comment to:

Yes, this story is far more than I recounted here and I am happy with your lentghy input. Thanks for taking your time to write what you did. I am keeping a copy of it in my archives.

I have said elsewhere that I had many unanswered questions myself when putting this together. I also saw that it is a story of betrayals on many levels. Perhaps the greatest was the crossing of carpets in parliament when staunch Abl?de people went over to the other side. And the role of Asamani and her Kpandu clique (why the road was tarred to that town) is a whole chapter on its own.

But your penultimate paragraph is most pertinent. As it is now, I don't think there will be any chance of another plebisicte. The dynamics of the situation have changed so much. Do you, Kodzo-Grey, really think there is the need for another plebiscite?

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Betrayal of TVT
Kofi Amenyo
05-09 13:07
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