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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Tell us something now, Kwami

Kofi Amenyo
2008-05-09 12:40:32
Comment to:
Where do you come from??

Dziko Kwame,

I wish you can tell us something now and not in June. Why should this part of our history be hidden? British citizens have written PhD theses on the subject, why can't we, ourselves, talk about it?

I have, myself, many unanswered questions when I was writing this piece and I hoped I would get answers to them from the discussions. Tell us what you also heard (not what you read in books). My grandfather died in 1974 and my father, who was educated at the time, wouldn't talk about it. He died in 1991. I called my 76 year old mother in Ghana in connection with the piece but she cannot remember many things, only that she did not vote for Antor.

"Whom did you vote for, mum?"
"The other man, the man who was not Antor. The man who was for Volta Region," she said.

I couldn't get anywhere. She had carried me on her back to the polling station and she was told me her father didn't want to vote and they had to prevail on him. So Kwami, if you know something, tell us. Please tell us about Inglisyevuwo ƒe adidriw?w?. Gbl?e na mi kata miase.

We still have a lot to learn...

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Tell us something now, Kwami
Kofi Amenyo
05-09 12:40
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