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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana


A Kodzo-Grey
2008-05-09 12:30:08
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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the uni


Certainly the results of the plebiscite were forged results. It was widely believed that if the true results of the plebiscite were announced TVT would not be part of the gold coast/Ghana now.
It had always been believed that Kwame Nkrumah's group who were aware that the people of the Ho and Kpando districts were very educated and politically aware in comparison with the people of the decided to change the results of the people of the North who had very few educated people at that time (Mamprussi, Dagomba, and the Gonjas. They obviously found an explanation for the declared variation between the results of the northern TVT people and Kpando/HO group. This result was challenged and Nkrumah's group would not allow for a vote recount. As a result a number of people including Mr Agbeti and others were arrested and imprisoned at Nsawam. Others ended up as refugees in Togo.

Hohoe should have been the capital of Volta Region or at least declared the subregional capital but Kwame Nkrumah is alleged to have decided not to do so. It is alleged that Electricity Supply for Hohoe was hurriedly taken to Keta and in the Engine room of Keta Electricity you would find imprinted on the engines Hohoe electricity. I was too young and I was not at Keta by then and I cannot verify this. It is alleged this was a result of the association between Gbedemah, Regina Asamani and Nkrumah. Asamani was originally in the camp Hohoe/Ho group who nortured her politically but because of her association with Gbedemah she defected to Nkrumah's group for her obvious reasons. REGINA ASAMANI WAS DECLARED A TRAITOR IN MIA DENYIGBA NEWS PAPER- A FRONT PAGE COVERAGE

With regard to the provision of education in Ghana, I would advice readers to check on the history of how much money was left behind by the british government for Ghana when they left. No other political leader has had such a great opportunity. The opposition leader at that time if he was the president would have achieved probably more than Nkrumah achieved. By the time of the overthrow of Nkrumah almost all the money had gone.(This is the allegation).

Why were the people of TVT not given the chance to vote again after 50 years to decide whether or not they want to continue amalgamating with Ghana. The British and the UN should know this.

What happened to Dr Amato after a UN meeting, after he made a thought provoking speech. May he rest in peace. I was too young and would not know but older Ghanaians and Togolese would.

Obviously the British PhD Thesis holders were told what they wanted to hear or what the people in authority want them to hear and write. If they had equally consulted both opposing parties they would written a better quality thesis.

Despite all the above it may be that if the TVT people are given the chance they may still vote to stay with Ghana because most of the old people have died and most of the remaining people capable of voting were born in Ghana and are not aware of the past history.

If the PLEBISCITE REVOTING exercise was not carried out to reassure the world/TVT people/Ghanaians then it would be argued that the Ghana Government, the British and the United Nations have made a grevious mistake by ensuring there is another plebscite. It is not too late for Ghana Government, the British and the UN to organise another plebiscite. If they do arrange a plebiscite it would be imperative that a large number of international observers should be invited to ensure the results are not rigged or falsified. This will help settle the matter.

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