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Trans Volta Togoland and the refuseniks of the union with Ghana

Comment: Nkrumaian Insight

2008-05-09 05:28:02
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RE: Very interesting piece

Bonsu you did a superb job, your inference was good but why don't you believe we have one destiny. The more we start thinking as one people , one great nation, one destiny the better for a progressive Ghana. Ghana is relatively a small nation and regardless of what some bigots and tribalist think, there's a lot of things that unite us. Trbal differences is not as sharp as some forumer would make us believe. Honestly,every tribe in Ghana contributes to modern Ghana socio-economic development. There's too much vilification against Ewe on this site. Study carefully development in Ghana and you realise the vital role Ewes play in her post-independence reconstruction. The Rawlings era is inherently necessary part of the process of our development. Nkrumah, even him, still remain a hated leader after all his sacrifice for us.

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