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Why is President Nana Akufo-Addo watching while armed robberies and murders fester in Ghana?

Comment: Is Nana Addo giving visas?

2021-06-15 16:04:48
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Empty Barrels Make the most noise!

Our own authorities are watching the criminals come through our borders; the managers and supervisors are sitting doing no work and collecting salaries; the lawyers and judges collecting bribes; the guy at the ministries wants 10 GHc before processing business applications. Is this Akufo Addo's doing? What I am saying is that Ghana is infested with its own demons. Demons of hooligans; demons of nepotic actions; demons of betrayal and demons of hate. What do you expect when your support system is a bunch of the aforementioned? Democracy is NOT the system for a developing country or Africa. Rwanda is putting the blueprint together and you know what the whites hate Paul for the sturdy progress. The white man is fidgeting because he knows Paul is doing it right. Open your eyes folks, this 4-year change of government is only in the interest of the West. Crime is a distraction, and that kind of unstableness is what the West need to continue the unstableness.

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Is Nana Addo giving visas?
06-15 16:04