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Akufo-Addo must avoid the appointment of new Special Prosecutor based on what Amidu, Agyapong said

Comment: Chickens at home to roost.

2021-05-10 06:15:15
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Akufo-Addo must avoid the appointment of new Speci

Even though the protesters had not amassed, I read that the police and security personnel armed with all sorts of weapons and very HOT water cannons were at anticipated sites of demonstration to defend, protect or attack, I can't guess. What will be the government's reaction if assassination attempts, bomb and grenade throwing starts as was the modus operandi of the anti-Nkrumah saboteurs during Nkrumah's rule? Will they resort to Preventive Detention or Firing Squads? I am sure it will be the latter since, even media criticism can hardly be tolerated.

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