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Environmental impacts of mercury from Galamsey

Comment: Water is life

2021-04-25 13:27:06
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Environmental impacts of mercury from Galamsey

Water is life. The 3 most important in life are AIR, WATER, AND FOOD. Galamsey will one day kill all of us. Government must take quick, and serious action now. People doing galamsey activities are evils, and wicked. They are worse than armed robbers. They should be sentenced to death when caught. Look at our rivers, lands, and environments, all have been damaged, and polluted with toxic leads, mercury, the pipe-borne water is not safe to drink. Fishes in the rivers are not safe to consume so as bush meat. The Ghana C.I.D has disappointed the nation. Every village has a police station to arrest these criminals but they don't. Our rivers have been polluted with mercury, and lead which causes cancer, liver, and kidney diseases.

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