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Mallam infiltrated radio/ TV stations: Direct your request to Ministry of Information and NMC

Comment: Well Said, Sandra

2021-04-07 11:48:34
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Mallam infiltrated radio/ TV stations: Direct your

Well said, Sandra. The hypocrisy of Ghanaians beggars belief. It is strange when people like Kwesi Pratt and others with their warped and subjective can all of a sudden see how the ill contents of radio of TV broadcasts and adverts and lay the blame on NCA.
The Media Foundation of West Africa and affiliated organisations must bury their heads in shame. Are they trying to tell or Ghanaians that they were not aware of these ill adverts, until the gruesome murder of the little boy? All they know is to politicise trivial issues, blow them out of proportion whilst they turn a blind eye to issues that matter! Sports betting is another one, which exemplifies the moral decadence in this country! Although legal, the youth are addicted and gradually getting consumed by this crazy addiction. What has been done about by the media????
Deal with what matters such as the money doubling adverts etc, and stop politicising trivial issues

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